Family garden


Our clients were a couple with young children and they wanted a garden with a patio area for eating, an open area to catch the sun and a lawn for the children to play on. Overall they wanted the garden to feel enclosed and secure.

Bamboo Landscaping produced a design for a simple, practical garden that nevertheless had a very comfortable, high-quality feel.

We used the visual effect of slatted trellis (dark stained to give a luxury touch) to create a concealed storage space at the far end of the garden, which appears to blend in as part of the perimeter when viewed from the house and patio. We built a small decking step between the patio and the lawn to link the two adjacent beds and make an event of the passage from patio to lawn. This matches the trellis and the hardwood capping on the adjacent square beds, while the bed at the far end is uncapped for contrast.

A few sturdy plants provide the relief in a garden that feels very private yet open.