The feel of real grass


The brief for this project was very simple: the husband, who hailed from South Africa, wanted to be able to come home from work, take his shoes off, walk out into the garden and feel the grass under his feet. In addition, with two small children running around, they wanted the garden to be simple, safe and easy to maintain.

Bamboo Landscaping delivered a design that combines the traditional with the modern. It uses natural materials, such as bare brick for the raised beds, slatted wooden trellis and, of course, real grass.

The kitchen has a paved limestone floor, which we continued out through the folding doors into the garden, creating the effect of bringing the outside in and vice versa.

To balance the amelanchier canadensis in the back right-hand corner, which was salvaged from the existing garden, we planted a magnolia stallata in the back left. All the owners need to do is water once in a while and enjoy the cool grass under their feet.