Greek Garden


This garden belonged to a couple from Greece and featured two olive trees, which they loved. The rest of the garden was old and run down. Behind the back wall was a parking area, which meant people tended to enter the house through the garden, so they wanted it to give a much more welcoming first impression.

Taking all these factors into account, Bamboo Landscaping designed a garden that emulates a typical Greek courtyard, perfect for long summer evenings sitting round the table and talking with friends.

Most of the area is covered with paving, repeated in the steps up to the door, and we softened the lines with a narrow bed into which we transplanted the olive trees and then covered the earth with large pebbles from Turkey. The raised bed is planted with a wide variety of plants to give colour all year round and there’s a bench seat opposite, which opens for storage and throws an interesting shadow up the wall when lit at night.