Kew Garden

This established garden in Kew was given a smart new look with the construction of a raised porcelain patio that replaced the very weathered black limestone. A steel reinforced concrete base was used to ensure durability for many years to come. This light coloured paving had the advantage of substantially brightening the inside of the house with its reflected light.

Much of the established planting was retained as it suited the garden style. A row of overgrown Leylandii trees to the rear of the garden were removed and replaced with evergreen Magnolias that will grow to provide screening from the neighbouring houses. Two small storage sheds are discreetly concealed behind lattice screens which will themselves be disguised once the Jasmine grows and establishes over them. The existing lawn was completely removed and the ground relevelled with fresh soil before laying new turf. Newly installed lighting creates an inviting space to relax as the sun goes down.