Low maintenance garden


The owner of this garden flat was planning to rent out the property and wanted a new, low-maintenance garden design that was both simple and attractive. Bamboo Landscaping provided a design and construction that was practical, economical and very easy to maintain.

The wall at the back of the garden already had the artistic render but it was covered in ivy and badly weathered. We decided to make a feature of it by stripping off the ivy, cleaning it up and painting it a warm ochre colour, which looks particularly effective when lit at night.

For simplicity and economy, we used decking to cover the whole floor area, bordered at the back with contrasting white pebbles and planted down each side with bamboo, a very low-maintenance plant that gives greenery all year round.

The result is a simple but stylish garden that would be attractive to any prospective tenant who wants an outdoor space to relax in without having to do anything to keep it looking smart.