The owners of this property gave us a design brief for a entertaining friendly, stylish garden that still offered practicality in terms of storage and use. Our challenge was to come up with something that allowed the garden to remain inviting as the nights drew in and the temperature fell whilst incorporating a safe place for the client to keep his large motorcycle.


We came up with a solution that split the garden into two distinct zones that were divided by an LED strip light embedded into the Limestone paving. One side was used as a dining area close to the kitchen door whilst the other side was utilised as an area for after dinner relaxtion and conversation. A contemporary styled wood burning stove provides warmth and a focal point and the cleverly concealed ambient lighting amongst the lush planting and hardwood fencing adds to the overall feeling of coziness. The storage was tailormade to the size of the motorcycle without overly encroaching on the garden itself, and the hardwood cladding ensures it blends seamlessly without distracting from the clean look of the garden.