Mirror garden

South London

This property was owned by a lively young couple who wanted to turn their side passageway into a usable outdoor space and give it a touch of luxury. For Bamboo Landscaping, the challenge was to produce a design that brought a sense of space to such a narrow area. We found the solution in a clever device that’s been around for years: the mirror.

First we replaced the old fence panels with smart slatted trellis and laid a new, high-quality ipe deck. Ipe is a very durable hardwood from Brazil and is a superb material for decking. We used the same wood to make a new entrance gate and then it was time to place the mirrors.

One went on the solid wall at the closed end of the passage, the other we positioned between the kitchen door and the gate, so that you could see each entrance from the other. Some leafy hostas and other shade loving plants were added in stylish brown planters and the whole space now had a classy, clean and generous feel.