St Margarets

The owners of this property had been living in Malaysia and wanted their garden to give them a feeling of tropical calm. Constructing a Zen-like garden usually requires expensive materials and plants, but Bamboo Landscaping came up with a design that created the desired effect on a budget.

The worn paving was replaced with a light coloured tile that gave continuity from the kitchen into the garden, making it a natural extension of the living area. Walls were rendered and painted and a concealed storage space was created using batons to match the wooden perimeter and hardwood seating.

Two Japanese maple trees, which were too good to dispose of, were transplanted to the front of the house and the rear garden was planted with young plants, which will mature to create the desired tropical effect. Buying the plants young helped to keep the cost down.

The final touch was placing the Buddha against the end wall where it provides a focal point from the kitchen.