Urban Jungle Garden


The lady who owned this property had been living in Hong Kong for 15 years and wanted to bring the jungle into her back garden. She also wanted it to be a low maintenance outdoor room, with a sofa and a table and chairs.

Bamboo Landscaping produced a garden design abundant with tropical looking plants and detailed with elements that were distinctly South-East Asian.

We began by digging up the worn out lawn, pulling up the flagstones and laying new limestone paving at the same level as the kitchen floor, to create a continuous flow from inside to out. We replaced the fencing with slatted trellis, treated with three coats of dark stain to match the South-East Asian theme. We constructed a right-angled raised bed and gave the same dark stain treatment to the wood capping, which can serve as extra seating.

For the instant jungle effect, we invested in mature tropical-style plants like fatsia japonica and bamboo, creating a warm, lush environment with an elegant, clean-cut central focus.